Disco 1. Find the nightclubs


ENWA Location: place where most clubbers come by car, motorbike or bike.
ENWA Capacity of the club: minimum 200 people

2. Convince nightclub owners:

Some tips:
Show the positive press coverage of previous years
Tell them that there are good press return with the event
The results aren’t published per nightclub but per country so there is no risk of bad
Nice extra event for the clubbers (clubbers like to receive gifts)
It does not decrease the revenues of the nightclub (only one person by car won’t drink
   alcohol and his friends will feel more secure)
Nightclubs owners take their responsibility towards road safety
The nightclub takes part in an European event

To certify the participation of the nightclub, we advise you to sign a simple contract as the following example. Don’t hesitate to adapt this example.



3. Find volunteers

ENWAwithin your own network

ENWAin universities

ENWAin youth organizations

ENWAduring field activities with a recruitment flyer on the awareness stand

E.g. of recruitment flyer >> explanation of the project and contact information on the back of the flyer.



Flyers enwa Flyers enwa

4. Create the posters, flyers, ….
Click here to download the poster. Just change the date, the organizer and the logo -> then you’ll have your own poster

5. Material
More info

6. Find the sponsors
More info

7. Train the volunteers
More info

8. Contact the press
More info

9. Organize the event

Preparation of the stand
Preparation of the material (breathalyzers, mouthpieces, bracelets, pens, results sheets, posters, flyers, banners, gifts,…)
Uniforms for volunteers

10. Create the report and send results to the press

After the event, it is important to do a report of the action (summary of the event, results, pictures, press coverage, …).
It is important to send a report of the event to the volunteers, the partners and sponsors of the event.

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