« A bracelet, to be recognizable and do the test on the way out of the nightclub”
The young volunteers suggest the drivers arriving at the nightclub to enter into an undertaking (a moral contract): to prove that they will stay sober and take the wheel of their vehicle safely. If they want to participate, the volunteers ask them to wear a bracelet to be recognizable as a symbol of their commitment (as well as to be recognizable when they come back to the stand later in the evening).


Always compare at least 2 different offers to be sure to have a correct price for the printing of bracelets.

2. The breathalyzers

For the breathalyzers, you have three solutions;

“Help of the local police”: the best is to ask to the police if they can lend you for free some breathalyzers and explain you the way to use them and even train the volunteers (it is the cheapest way and creates a good collaboration with the local police)
If they want to go with you in the nightclub, you should ask them to be in casual clothes (or the same t-shirt as the volunteers) in order not to be recognizable, otherwise you will miss many youngsters.

“Buy electronic breathalyzers”. We recommend: Drager 6510.

“Buy one time use breathalyzer”. We recommend: Contralco - 0.6€/breathalyzer.

To order Contralco :
Contact: Olivier VALAT
Export sales department
Email : ovalat@contralco.fr

CONTRALCO - Avenue du Mas Faugère – BP 23 - 34150 Gignac – France
www.contralco.fr - Tel +33 (0)4 67 57 62 62 – Fax +33 (0)4 67 57 68 12

Be careful to buy a good quality to guarantee accurate results. There are many breathalyzers on the internet but most are not reliable.

3. The drug tests

For the drug tests, we would recommend you two different brands that we are using on the field; DrugWipe and Oratect. If the police is already doing such type of control in your country then it would be good to use the same brand as them as it is more credible with the youngsters.

To order Oractect:

The Netherlands:
Alere Health BV - Charles Stulemeijerweg 15 - NL-5026 RS Tilburg
T. 013 467 27 00 - F. 013 467 80 16
Contact: infoNL@alere.com

Price: about 10€ (depending on quantity and dollar currency rate)

To order DrugWipe II:

Securetec AG - Eugen-Sänger-Ring 1 - 85649 Brunnthal / München
+ 49(0)89 203080-1656     

Securetec SARL    -     20, place des halles   -    67000 Strasbourg
+ 33 (0) 388  52  26  18    


Contact: Wilfried SOOTH - sooth@securetec.net

4. The T-shirts
It is important for the volunteers to have a common uniform in order to be recognizable by the clubbers. You can also use the T-shirt to promote your organization, the event, your potential sponsors.
If you have enough budget, volunteers appreciate to keep the t-shirt as souvenir after the event.
Supplier: www.businessmagnet.co.uk/company/embroideredpoloshirts-133443.htm

5. The gifts
For the gifts to reward the designated drivers, it is usually quite easy to get free gadgets/products from companies = “In kind” sponsorship.

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