Journalists like to cover field activities and positive youth commitment. That is why this event always gets good press coverage, even more if you add innovative activities such as drug testing.

Journalists are quite aware of the use of alcohol and drugs among young people in the nightlife and how awkward and delicate this subject can be.
Therefore, they usually respect the anonymity of the participants.

This huge audience is important for participating organization to put their message across beyond the walls of the nightclubs. Alcohol or drugs, associated with driving concerns a huge part of the population, which is not always represented in nightlife (such as parents, other adults, computer gamers, athletes, etc…).

To contact the press, you need to create your press documents. Hereunder you can find some examples of it;

Press release: http://www.ryd.eu/pressreleasebefore.doc
Journalist Invitation: http://www.ryd.eu/invitation.doc
Press document: http://www.ryd.eu/pressdocument.doc
Press release after: http://www.ryd.eu/pressreleaseafter.doc

If you don’t have any press file, you can look on the Internet on the website of all press in your country, you can usually easily find a contact on the media websites. If you don’t have the time, you can also work with national press agency that will make sure your press documents will be sent to all press in your county.

The best is to send a first press release one week before the event, with a link to the press document and the invitation for the journalists. Then, repeat it on Friday morning before the event. The press release with the results of the event is to be sent on Monday morning.

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